Tuesday, October 6, 2009


For the Banyamulenge community, learning the death of Mr. Benjamin Serukiza is heard as a monument to crumble on us! late Banjamin Serukiza was a social and political giant not only in the South Kivu region, but also on the national scene. He was vice-governor of South Kivu , parliamentary candidate and current Vice-President of the Truth and Reconciliation in Democratic Republic of Congo. A post he still held until his tragic death.

Died this Tuesday October 06th 2009 to brain cancer, former vice-governor Serukiza was pursuing his medical care in the United States of America for over 3 months. An official tribute is planned but the date and place still unknown. The members of the Banyamulenge community across the world expect sadly and silently to drop a bouquet of flowers or a candle at the foot of their son leader. Many Banyamulenge leaders, including former Vice President of the Republic of Congo Mr Azarias Ruberwa and former Minister of Economy, Senator Moses Nyarugabo are expected soon to make declarations and will reach there to express their solidarity with the family of the late Benjamin Serukiza, died after nearly a year of agony.
I feel pain, great pain for this man I had the pleasure to meet and make him my friend. I cried since this tragic news was announced and I write this article not only to express my sincere condolences to the family and `the Banyamulenge community tested, but also a tribute to him because it is the least thing he could expect from me, a friend and colleague in the struggle for the rights of our people. If he could speak today, Serukiza would say he knew that “in a time like this, Muhoza would write important the works I have done for my people and my country”.

I remember the good times I spent with Serukiza in Brussels in September 2007. We talked about politics, culture, and religion. I remember what he answered me when I condemned him and his team for not using all means necessary to ensure the political survival of their regime during the time of RCD, in response, Benjamin said that he believes in a Christian driven politics. He spoke at length about his Christian values that guided his political and social life. I have no doubt that it was because of his integrity and his faith that he has been assigned the task of the Truth and Reconciliation in Congo . A mission he died about to accomplish.

I hope the tragic death of our compatriot can at least serve as an awareness for us all that our days here on earth are too little of a time, and that we should all work with integrity now!
I call all my brothers Banyamulenge to be constantly alert to our calls and give our bodies and souls to serve our people and our country as has been our brother deceased Banjamin. May the Lord jealously guard his soul and strengthen his family and all of us. Ben, I will miss you so much man!

Be eternally Blessed

Muhoza Akim

Journal Minembwe

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