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Press release
Minembwe April 27, 2011

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We announce that intercessors (Abayumbe) of all communities in the highlands of Minembwe (Eastern DRCongo) namely CELPA, CDAC, Cepac, Methodist, CADAFE in collaboration with the Intercessors who are in Rwanda, Burundi and elsewhere are organizing a major campaign of prayer Evangelism and Minembwe, precisely at Kiziba in the week of July 4 to 10, 2011.
Minembwe Campaign has two main objectives, namely:
Strengthening the union of Christian intercessors and all communities in the highlands of South Kivu.
Intercede for peace in the actual Great Lakes region in general and the highlands of South Kivu in particular.
The campaign theme is based on the text of the book of Isaiah 62 :6-7 "On your walls, O Jerusalem, I have appointed watchmen; They will never be silent day or night. You who call in remembrance of the Lord no rest for you! And give Him no rest till he establishes Jerusalem and makes her the praise upon the earth "
The Campaign will be organized into two phases:
The first phase will be devoted to seminars and discussions on various areas of social life, the experts will develop themes for specific target groups.
The second phase is the large public campaign of evangelization, prayer, praise and worship.
Note also that the organization of a campaign of this magnitude requires considerable efforts that the only intercessors can not consent, so the participation and contribution of everyone near and far are highly important for successful event.
NB: Remember that this campaign is a bit special importance, as it will meet publicly for the first time in over thirty years intercessors from all of these evangelical communities in the highlands of South Kivu. The organizing committees are made up of members of CEPAC, CDAC and others.
For more information please contact:
in Kigali:
1. Mukiza Charles, Tél : 0788864269
2. Kamandwa Faustin, Tél : 0788493387
3. Mutwaza Jonas, Tél : 0788538297
in Bujumbura
1. Mushambaro Claude, Tél : +25779970422

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